Town Hall Update – Feb 23


HPP Town Hall 2-15-2016Thank you to everyone who attended and/or supported the Town Hall hosted by Humanity Play Project on Monday, February 15, 2016. Community members gathered to show our support to friends who were involved in an incident with police earlier this month on Cherokee Avenue in Hollywood.

So, what did we do? We shared reactions. We learned facts about the incident. We agreed to work together to find ways to increase positive communication with the LAPD – and decrease racial profiling.

Ultimately, we gathered together to brainstorm ways to TAKE ACTION and MAKE CHANGE within the Hollywood community. Perhaps our positive action will inspire others to do the same in their neighborhoods.

NEXT STEPS: Want to get involved?

We have several “action groups” in planning mode:
(1) Cop-Prov (improvisation with LAPD);
(2) Community Run in the Hollywood area; and
(3) Policy Patrol.

Please reach out to for more info.

(1) Improv Workshop – “Cop-prov”
Point Person: Rich Baker
•Once a month impros show
•Seek approval from The Second City or other host theater
•Find cast who is interested
•Rehearse with cast
•Talk with LAPD – especially Hollywood precinct
•Armando format?
•Short form with cop volunteers?

(2) Community Run / 5K / Event
Point Person: Rachna Khatau & Matt Black
•Circle from The Second City to iO and back?
•Run up and down Cherokee Avenue
•West Police Station as end point?
•Need permits – how do we obtain them? Cost?
•Need press, publicity, media support
•Reach out to police and Hollywood community groups to join together
•Athletes to participate – ie. James Blake

(3) Policy Patrol
Point Person: Jennifer Larkin
•Find out Community Council reps
•Local representatives – City / County / State
•Need factual statement from those involved in the incident on Cherokee Ave
•Hollywood Chamber of Commerce
•What are our resources?
•Who are the people in charge?
•How to engage with police? Does LAPD have an outreach branch?
•Write a letter? Seek policy change?
•Desire to increase sensitivity and diversity training for LAPD
Other Ideas
•LAPD discount to The Second City?
•Host an LAPD day of improve/sketch shows and workshops?

Thank you for joining the conversation.

Humanity Play Project

IG: @humanityplayproject
Twitter: @humanityplaypro

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